Welkom bij site van de Nederlandse Marieholm Vereniging. De NMV is een vereniging voor alle Marieholmjacht-eigenaren, ongeacht het type Marieholm dat zij bezitten. Veel technische informatie is beschikbaar na inloggen. Nog geen lid? Vul dan eerst het formulier Nieuwe leden in.


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A warm welcome to you in the Virtual Harbor of the Dutch Marieholm Association NMV. The NMV is an association for owners of a sailing yacht built at the Marieholm-Bruk wharf in Str√∂mstad, Sweden.  
Between 1967 and 1984 thousands of the 7 different types yachts have been manufactured, varying in length between 16 through 33 ft. Recently an M33 Class version is brought back in production, here in the Netherlands.
The Association was founded on January 1st, 2001 by a few enthusiastic IF- and M26 owners to preserve the sailing Marieholm yachts in the Netherlands. The Association organises races and stimulates exchange information, is concerned with the technical aspects and renders support for repair and general maintenance as well as collective purchases.
Since the Marieholm yacht community is widespread over the globe, the NMV Association strives for a better and lasting contact with sister organisations as well as individuals with whom we share interest in the Marieholm yacht. This contact can relate to information exchange but even go as far as an international exchange programme or races. We therefore would like to invite you to provide us with any suggestions you may have.

At this moment this website is largely in Dutch since it is focused at our native members. Only this brief English introduction and possibly some of the discussions at the Forum are in English. We still hope you will get an idea what the NMV stands for and even might be useful to you.

To contact our Association please use the following addresses:
Chairman of the NMV  
Secretary of the NMV  

The Dutch Marieholm Association NMV